All the resources you need for Spanish — one story at a time

Invigorate your Spanish lessons with our award-winning, program developed for language learners.

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Nurture a love of Spanish and the mastery of essential skills

StoryWorld supports students with word-by-word audio and translations.

Engage + Motivate every student

Build + Grow Spanish language skills

Monitor + Succeed with results

“I’ve never seen anything like this—it models what a teacher does.”

— Teacher participant in WestEd Research

Discover a Diverse Collection of Spanish Stories

Assign stories to multiple classes or sections and choose from 24 themes, including science,
social studies
, and culture. All stories have language scaffolds and are leveled by Lexile®.

Seamlessly blend into any Spanish curriculum

StoryWorld’s interactive library is flexible to use and covers some of the most common language themes and topics, such as animals, clothes, family, or school. Storybook genres cover cultural myths and legends as well as non-fiction.

Over 100 interactive Spanish storybooks and wordbooks

Storybooks begin with basic vocabulary and eventually introduce more sophisticated words and concepts. Wordbooks cover 40 of the most important verbs, 40 common adjectives, and over 300 commonly used nouns to give your students the vocabulary they need to start speaking right away—one story at a time.

After class - extra audio for Spanish language support!

After class, students can listen again to the story read aloud by a native Spanish speaker, and click any word or phrase to hear the correct pronunciation or translation on demand.

These supports help to build students’ confidence — one story at a time.

Interactive games reinforce vocabulary and pronunciation

Hundreds of different multi-sensory vocabulary games with images offer abundant opportunities to reinforce key Spanish vocabulary and correct pronunciation.
Games provide a perfect way to continue to motivate studentsone game at a time.

Easily assign stories from your own library

Pick any story - or group of stories - and assign in an instant to a class or group of classes.

The stories you assign will show up at the top of each student’s own library, so they’ll see it right away and can start reading and learning — one story at a time.

Try us FREE for 2 months

Experience StoryWorld with your students for free for 60 days. After that, you can purchase or keep using our gift of 8 ebooks.

Spanish stories activate learning in all modalities: listening, reading, speaking, and writing

StoryWorld includes practice in all domains to strength language proficiency and support a well-rounded approach to Spanish instruction.


Students listen to the story read aloud by a native Spanish speaker. This builds vocabulary, develops listening comprehension, and allows learners to absorb the natural cadence and richness of the language.


Students build oral fluency in Spanish by recording a passage aloud, retelling the story and answering audio prompts. Inference, depth-of-knowledge, and opinion questions encourage learners to think “beyond the text.”


Students read the story aloud to practice reading fluency. Every word or phrase is clickable with the correct Spanish pronunciation. Words or phrases are translated accurately in context so no need for a dictionary or translation tool.


Students respond to open-ended questions – online and off-screen These questions provide opportunities for creative expression in Spanish. Printable activity sheets that accompany each story continue to encourage writing practice.

Challenge learners with quizzes that strengthen proficiency

After each story, five quiz sections strengthen Spanish language comprehension and measure vocabulary, listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills.

Begin with Spanish comprehension questions that focus on vocabulary, listening, and reading

Students demonstrate basic comprehension in Spanish through multiple choice questions that focus on core vocabulary, listening, and reading.

Go deeper with speaking and writing assessments

Your students then record their answers and write responses to questions that go beyond the text, such as retelling a story, reading it aloud, and answering depth-of-knowledge, inference and opinion questions.

Reward students with points–while you get their data

Throughout all activities, your Spanish students will collect motivating points. All their responses are recorded for progress monitoring in the StoryWorld Dashboard.

Printable Spanish resources with every story

There’s no need to spend extra prep time searching for support materials. All of our online Spanish language Storybooks and Wordbooks come with companion printable activity sheets that engage students in creative work off-screen as they practice and reinforce new skills.

Reinforce Spanish vocabulary through writing

Key words are emphasized to help students build confidence and master important vocabulary.

Promote Spanish language comprehension

Questions assure students fully comprehend the text. Exercises prompt students to reflect on the story and practice writing.

Build Spanish grammar skills with sentences

Students construct sentences from key Spanish vocabulary. Drawing activities support learning recall.

Develop creativity with original storytelling

Students are encouraged to use their new Spanish language skills as they write and illustrate their own related short story.

Everything you need to succeed with your Spanish classes!

StoryWorld adapts easily to diverse proficiency levels, interests, and classroom environments.

Educator-friendly dashboard shows progress in Spanish proficiency

Our Formative Evaluation Dashboard shows the progress of each learner as they work their way toward proficiency:

* Standards alignment include: CA-ELD/CA-CCSS; CCSS; ELPA21; NY-ELA; ACTFL: TEXAS-ELPS; WIDA. Any standards not listed is available upon request.

StoryWorld works on any device connected to wifi: computers, chromebooks, tablets, & phones.

Versatile for whole class, small group & independent learning

StoryWorld can be used effectively in a wide variety of learning environments—no individual devices needed.

Professional learning with every school purchase

We include a virtual 60-minute introductory Professional Learning session with every school or district purchase. Each session covers:

“StoryWorld was a reinforcement of everything we were working on in class: sequential language, translating words, retelling a story, asking further questions, reading the story out loud, and then writing about it.”

— Teacher participant in WestEd Research

Try us FREE for 2 months

You and your students can use our entire library FREE for 60 days. After that, you can choose to purchase a premium subscription (or keep using our gift of 8 online stories).

Developed with support from the U.S. Department of Education

StoryWorld was developed with R&D funding from the U.S. Department of Education with 3-years of research provided by WestEd.

Supports independent learning

“Students using StoryWorld performed as well as those with a book and teacher support...the program allows students to learn independently in formal and informal settings.”

Encourages a love for reading

“Students demonstrated statistically significant increases in their motivation to read, Self-Concept as a Reader, and Value of Reading. Students eagerly read multiple books in a single session, going beyond the prescribed requirement of only one book.”

Quickly integrates into curriculum

“Teachers articulated that the StoryWorld product would be a very useful tool in their classrooms and could be integrated into their curriculum for ELA or ELD support.”

“StoryWorld incorporates the ideal approaches that research shows are the ways to make language learning come to life.

Dr. Jenni Trujillo

Dean of the School of Education at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado

Voted #1 Literacy Solution by Superintendents

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Find answers to all your questions on our main FAQ page or reach out to our friendly team in the form below.

Can I get StoryWorld free for my class?

Yes. When you sign up for a teacher account, you will get our Premium service at no cost for 2 months. After 2 months, your can choose to upgrade to Premium or continue to use your free account.

What grade levels are best for StoryWorld?

StoryWorld is perfect for learning Spanish in all grades! Our library of interactive stories is leveled by difficulty, plus a searchable feature helps teachers find stories and resources that match common themes. Worksheets and interactive games further support explicit instruction in Spanish.

Can I use StoryWorld to supplement my existing Spanish curriculum?

Yes. StoryWorld is designed to be a fun and engaging supplement to any language program. Our stories are all narrated by native speakers and designed to reinforce the natural cadence of the language while also building common vocabulary in Spanish.

What makes StoryWorld different from other language-learning programs?

To our knowledge, no other ebook library offers word-by-word translations in both text and audio. This kind of instant support enables learners transfer their language skills from English to Spanish—an approach backed by academic research.

Does StoryWorld work on all devices? Some of my students do not have a computer at home.

Yes. StoryWorld works on all devices connected to wifi, including computers, smartphones and tablets. Our program makes it easy for students to continue their learning at home, on whatever device is available to them.

How does StoryWorld engage all language modalities?

StoryWorld offers many ways to practice reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. Every story includes opportunities for students to record their voices, games that reinforce new vocabulary and worksheets to encourage more writing off-screen.

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