Our Team

Our Team

Cynthia Harrison Barbera

Founder & CEO

Dr. Omprakash Gnawali

Chief Technology Officer

Devon Merriman

UX Designer, Illustrator, Marketing

Shyam Gnawali

Full Stack Engineer

Madison Moncrief-Allen

Operations Manager

Mafe Pulido Duarte

Spanish Linguist

Ally Lam

Production Coordinator, Mandarin Linguist

Dean Galbreath

Technology Support

Advisors & Board members

Dr. Rosemary Garcia Fontana

Stanford Ph.D, Bilingual Educator, Ethnographer

Tom Kalinske

LeapFrog, Mattel, Sega America, Knowledge Universe, Global Education Learning

Dr. Rebecca Silverman

Stanford Graduate School of Education

Michael Watkins

Fmr. Santa Cruz County Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Ron Marx

Dean University of Arizona, College of Education (Emeritus)

John Brown

Board Member

Ross Uchimura

Board Member

Meet Our Illustrators

STORYWORLD’s books are carefully illustrated by a team of amazing, talented artists. We pride ourselves on how our stories engage readers visually and enhance their learning experience. Artwork on every page in every book came from one of these creative minds.


Melissa Batiller

Cassondra Conlin

Andrea Pescosolido

Adelya Tumasyeva

Andrew Lincoln

China Jones

Clara Chang

Steven A. Gomez

Jingwen Ma

Meimei Mao

Heidi Perry

Jasmin Perez

Stephanie Lin

Isabel Patino

Danielle Pendergast

Akiko Neumann

Jinnace Gray

Sergi Calavia

Jackie Carson

Tiffany Rodriguez

Cynthia Santos

Caitlin Stevens

Stephanie Szabo

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