Research Conclusions by WestEd

A consistent finding in a Feasibility study conducted in 2019 (as well as prior Usability studies) is that STORYWORLD is highly engaging for students. Research revealed that student engagement was particularly exemplified by the students’ veracious appetite for STORYWORLD e-books. While only required to read one book per setting, many students chose to read more than one book, citing excitement about the content. The gamification aspects of the platform engendered friendly competition among peers, motivating the students to retry the e-book and improve their score. Students also cooperatively helped their classmates in a positive attempt to assist ones who were struggling. 

The 2019 study included 44 ELL students (27 first grade, 17 second grade) across four classrooms (2 first grade, 2 second grade) and focused on students’ attitudes toward reading, the results showed that overall. The mean total scores of participating students on both the Self- Concept as a Reader and Value of Reading sub-scales increased after two weeks of using the STORYWORLD product, with statistically significant differences between the classroom’s score changes from pre to post. 

Teachers articulated that the STORYWORLD product would be a very useful tool in their classrooms and could be integrated into their curriculum for ELA or ELL support. Researchers concluded that STORYWORLD was a positive reading experience for students and it reflected in the potential for improved attitudes from pre-to-post intervention. Teachers also appreciated using STORYWORLD as a supplement to their curriculum, indicating that it served as a fun way to integrate more reading practice into a student’s day (WestEd, 2019).

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