An interactive program for learning Spanish

STORYWORLD is a language learning program that is multimodal, multisensory, and multilingual.

  • Leveled library: Lexile & F&P
  • Standards aligned: CA-ELD, WIDA, CCSS, ACTFL, NY-ELA, Texas ELPS
  • For whole-class or small group instruction
  • Effective for independent learning at school or home
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“STORYWORLD incorporates the ideal approaches that research shows are the ways to make language learning come to life.”

Dr. Jenni Trujillo

Dean of the School of Education at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado

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Pre-made activities and lesson plans

Every book is an entire unit of study you can use to supplement your lessons


Compelling Narratives

The story anchors the unit and introduces new concepts and academic vocabulary.


Quizzes & Games

Games after the story enables students to practice new skills in all modalities.


Activity Sheets

Printable and online worksheets encourage creative expression, such as creating your own story.


Lesson Plans

Every story comes with a corresponding lesson plan developed by teachers. Includes multicultural links and discussion points for social/emotional learning (SEL) when appropriate.


Class Instruction


Small Group


Independent Learning

Flexible to meet the needs of your classroom

Use STORYWORLD for full-class instruction, small groups, independent learning, push-in, after-school, and at-home learning.

Formative Evaluation Dashboard records progress in all modalities

  • At-a-glance insights eliminate the need for frequent reports
  • Easily identify students at risk of falling behind
  • Standards-aligned evaluation benchmarks
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Why our stories work

Our comprehensive library of fully-illustrated ebooks cover over 2000 common words and phrases


Click any word for audio support

Every page is read-aloud and every word is clickable for audio support to build fluency fast—a rare feature for children’s ebooks.


Exercises in all four modalities

Every story includes games and worksheets to extend learning in reading, listening, speaking, & writing.


Visual clues connect words with meaning

Beautiful illustrations and photographs connect words with memorable visuals for easy recall.


Content-based learning keeps kids engaged

Theme-based narratives written specifically for language learners includes non-fiction and cultural myths and legends.

How teachers use STORYWORLD

Each week, teacher Jean Lupino uses a different story to teach her class of English language learners.


Support for children with different learning needs

A broad range of embedded multimodal, multilingual and multisensory tools provides encouragement and support for a variety of learning styles.

How we support learner variability Arrow Icon Story World

The research is in: STORYWORLD works

STORYWORLD was developed with support from the U.S. Department of Education with iterative research provided by West Ed.


Supports independent learning

“Students using STORYWORLD performed as well as those with a book and teacher support...the program allows students to learn independently in formal and informal learning settings.”


Encourages a love for reading

“Students demonstrated statistically significant increases in their motivation to read, Self-Concept as a Reader, and Value of Reading...Students eagerly read multiple books in a single session, going beyond the prescribed requirement of only one book.”


Quickly integrates into curriculum

“Teachers articulated that the STORYWORLD product would be a very useful tool in their classrooms and could be integrated into their curriculum for ELA or ELL support.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this, and I’ve been teaching 1st grade for 16 years! The games go deeper than just multiple choice—it models what a teacher does.”