Our mission is to connect people through language and shared stories.
STORYWORLD™ is a learning-through-story language tool for children two years old and up.



Takes the frustration out of language learning

Individualized support with native audio and word-by-word translations makes learning faster and comprehension easier.

Written specifically for language learners

Learners acquire language easily and naturally through the story with support from visual clues. This way, language becomes the vehicle for learning, not the end in itself.


Supports different learning styles

With STORYWORLD's one-on-one support, kids can easily teach themselves a new language within their zone of proximal development, the space between what you know and what you need to know, and where learning happens most naturally.

Naturally scaffolds learners to each level

With one-on-one support, STORYWORLD delivers each learner exactly the support needed, when it is needed.


Fosters Multi-cultural Awareness

Language is a window to cultural understanding. STORYWORLD’s authentic bilingual content immerses the learner in a broader, more diverse world.

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Personalized Learning at Your Fingertips

Learn at Your Level
Read at exactly your level (Every book is leveled by Lexile ®)
Click for Translation
Every word is clickable. If you don’t know it, click to hear it and get the definition
Engage with Embedded Games
Play along and unlock progress with interactive activities

Find Various Types of Stories
Choose myths & legends, non-fiction or core vocabulary stories
Learn over 1200 Common Words
With our growing library, discover new stories, words and phrases every month

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