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Subjects covered: Folktales, Myths & Legends, Non-fiction, Fairytales, Animals, Body, Celebrations, Colors, Counting, Daily Life, Family, Food, Friends, Holidays, Location/direction, Morals, School, Space, Sports, Transit, Travel, Weather

STORYWORLD™ Collection Overview

Lexile Fountas-Pinnell Story Title About Level Words Pages Genre Subjects Grammar Keywords
BR A Where Are You? A game play hide and seek offers common words for locations. 1 57 15 Fiction Location/direction Present tense High, Low, Near, Far, In, Out
BR A Get Strong An inspirational book that suggests getting exercise in many ways. 1 37 12 Fiction Body, Daily Life, Friends, Travel Present tense Ride, Kick, Jump, Run, Dance, Play
BR B My Senses Learn about our five senses and practice personal pronouns. 1 61 15 Fiction Body Present tense To See, To Hear, To Taste, To Feel, To Smell, To Sleep, Tired
BR B Look at the Sky! Look at the sky to learn about different weather and temperatures. 1 61 15 Fiction Space, Weather Present tense Sun, Cloud, Snow, Rain, Moon, Star
50L B My Clothes Don't Fit! A girl tries on many clothes that don’t fit before finding the right outfit. 1 130 14 Fiction Body, Colors, Daily Life Past tense Shirt, Pants, Socks, Shoe, Coat, Hat
60L C Let's Go! People use different forms of transportation to go places around the world. 1 91 17 Fiction Location/direction, Transit, Travel Present tense Train, Bike, Airplane, Car, Boat, Bus
70L C Where Are My Pets? Each child has a different pet, lost in a different place. 1 98 13 Fiction Animals, Location/direction Present tense Dog, Rabbit, Cat, Bird, Fish, Pet, Tree
110L D Food! Count to ten while learning the words for colors, fruits, and vegetables. 2 31 11 Non-Fiction: science Colors, counting, food n/a Green, White, Brown, Blue, Orange, Yellow
120L D Wow! A Potato A cheerful story that describes the lifecycle of a potato and favorite foods that come from potatoes. 2 104 17 Fiction Daily Life, Food Present tense Root, Seed, Potato, Leaf, Ground, Vine
140L E Clouds Children watch clouds that look like big and small animals drift across the sky. 2 59 13 Fiction Animals, Present tense, Past tense Pig, Horse, Monkey, Rabbit, Sheep, Duck
150L E At the Zoo A group of friends search for a little brother and find a lot of animals along the way. 2 95 15 Fiction Animals, Family, Friends, Travel Present tense Monkey, Snake, Giraffe, Tiger, Elephant, Lion
170L E Made in China Many common things were originally made in China, one of the world’s oldest cultures. Find out what we can thank China for inventing. 2 90 13 Non-Fiction: History Animals Past tense Teapot, Silk, Chopsticks, Firecracker, Ice Cream, Noodles
170L E My Terrible Day A kid gets up late for school and everything goes wrong until he realizes it is Sunday! 2 61 14 Fiction: Daily Life daily life, verbs Present tense To Find, To Miss, To Walk, To Trip, To Be Able, To Lock, To Be Late
220L G The Little Seed A little girl plants a tomato seed and proves to her disbelieving friends and family it will grow. 2 110 18 Fiction Daily Life, Family, Food Past tense Seed, Leaf, Tomatoes, Ground, Water, To Grow
240L H My Neighborhood Practice location names as little girl shows you around her neighborhood. 2 66 10 Fiction Daily Life, Family, Friends, School, Transit, Travel Present tense Across, Behind, Middle, Next Door, Neighborhood, Around the Corner
280L I The Rabbit and the Turtle A rabbit challenges a brave turtle to a race in Aesop’s classic fable. 2 95 12 Fables/ Legends/ Fairytales Animals, Sports, Transit Past tense Rabbit, Turtle, Race, Slow, Fast, Road
310L J The Big Brown Bear A big brown bear discovers that by helping others, you become a true friend. 3 194 16 Fiction: Predictable Story Friends Past tense Fat, Skinny, Funny, Big, Little, True
330L J The Lizard and the Sun A famous Aztec tale about a lizard who keeps looking for the sun when all other animals give up. 3 123 16 Fables/ Legends/ Fairytales Body, Colors, Holidays, Space Present tense, Past tense Lizard, Sun, Bears, Fish, Birds, Festival
330L J Trash Reduce, reuse, recycle! Learn how a plastic bottle impacts the environment. 3 75 14 Fiction, Non-Fiction: Science Animals, Body, Daily Life, Food, Morals Present tense, Future tense Bottle, Trash, Ocean, Thing, Water, Fish
360L K Dancing In The Wind A child’s kite just wants to fly in the wind. When the string breaks the child realizes that letting go can also bring happiness. 3 98 18 Fiction: Outdoor Verbs, Outdoor Past tense To Blow, To Dive, To Spin, To Break, To Pull, To Fly Away
360L K My New Home Learn about rooms and furniture in a puppy’s new home as he makes a mess of every room. 3 109 13 Fiction Animals, Colors, Daily Life, Family, Food, Location/direction Present tense Home, Dining room, Living room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen
360L K The Nine Dragon Sons An ancient Chinese tale about the nine sons of a dragon and what makes each of them distinct. 3 72 12 Fiction Animals, Family Present tense Dragon, Son, Music, Water, Fire, To Read, To Eat
370L K The Goat and the Vegetable Garden A little ant is the hero of this traditional Spanish story about a farmer who tries to rid his garden of a hungry goat that is eating all his vegetables. 3 199 21 Fiction: Myth / Legend Vegetables Past tense Peppers, Beans, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Farmer
370L K The Ugly Duckling A little duckling thinks he is ugly until he grows up to become a beautiful swan. Adapted from the Hans Christian Andersen story. 3 120 11 Fiction Animals, Family Present tense Duck, Egg, Ugly, Fall, To Swim, Swan
380L K First Day of School School routines, counting to 20, basic greetings, and doing homework are the themes in this fun back-to-school story. 3 178 19 Fiction: Daily Life Greetings, Numbers, School Present tense Classroom, Teacher, Notebook, Homework, Eraser, Pencil
380L K The Butterfly Follow a butterfly in search of a friend and learn about colors and emotions. Adapted from the story by Hans Christian Andersen. 3 94 12 Fiction Animals, Colors, Friends, Morals Past tense Sweet, Lonely, Big, Bright, Tired, Sad
390L K Let's Make a Hat! Kids make fun hats using typical art supplies and look great at the end. 3 64 13 Fiction Colors, Daily Life, Friends, School Present tense Hat, Paper, Scissors, Tape, Glue, Pencil
400L L My Funny Classmates There’s something funny about every classmate and the colorful costumes they wear on their bodies. 3 134 12 Fiction Body, Celebrations, School Present tense Hair, Eye, Nose, The Tooth, Hand, Ear
420L L Wonderful Whales Read about the world’s largest animal and their life at sea. 3 126 15 Non-Fiction: Science Animals, Food Present tense The Whale, The Fish, To Jump, To Breathe, The Earwax, The Blowhole
460L M Every Drop of Water All about water: who uses water, what is water made of, when do we use water, where do we find water, and why should we save it. 3 160 21 Non-Fiction: Science Water, the Earth, Science Present tense Water, Ice, Solid, Liquid, Gas, Steam
480L M A Letter for Santa On Christmas Eve, two children plan for the arrival of Santa and write him a letter. Early in the morning, they wonder if Santa arrived. 3 215 21 Fiction: Holidays Christmas Vocabulary Present tense, Past tense, Future tense Game, Money, Letter, Doll, Train, Picture
480L M The Spear and Shield Salesman In this ancient Chinese story, one boy’s question leaves a great salesman speechless. 3 94 11 Fables/ Legends/ Fairytales Morals Present tense, Past tense Spear, Shield, Salesman, Boy, People, World, Cut, Strong
480L M The Tree As a little tree grows bigger it becomes a life-long companion for children as they grow up and a cycle of life continues. 3 103 12 Fiction Animals, Daily Life, Family, Friends, Travel Past tense Tree, Seed, Nest, House, Bird, Climb
490L M Shopping with Mom Mom takes forever choosing the best clothing, groceries, and toys, but she is always thoughtful. 3 80 10 Fiction Family Present tense Clothes, Dress, Toy, Box, Food, Vegetable
480L M Is That a Bat? Fun facts about bats, the only mammal that can fly! We learn about what bats eat, how they “hear” and why they are so important to us. 4 224 16 Non-Fiction: Science Animals, Mammals, Science Present tense, Conditional Bird, Rat, Mammal, Insect, Bat, Lizard
500L N Our Body Know your body and what each part can do. 4 72 14 Fiction Daily Life, Food, Morals Present tense, Future tense Ears, Mouth, Nose, Eyes, Legs, Arms
510L N The Magic Mirror The King wants a queen, but no who will pass the magic mirror’s test? A classic Spanish Tale. 4 242 18 Fables/ Legends/ Fairytales Morals Present tense, Past tense Barber, Queen, Mirror, King, People, Spot, Afraid, Brave
520L N Cooking with Dad Dad uses different utensils in the kitchen and makes a mess in process, but the food is delicious. 4 79 12 Fiction Daily Life, Family, Food Present tense Pot, Pan, Spoon, Fork, Knife, Bowl
520L N The Ant and the Grasshopper An ant collects food for winter while a grasshopper sings but learns a tough lesson at the end of this classic Aesop’s Fable. 4 73 9 Fables/ Legends/ Fairytales Animals, Morals Present tense, Past tense Ant, Grasshopper, Food, To Sing, Winter, To Work
540L N Saving the Pandas Learn about what giant pandas eat, how they became endangered, and what humans are doing to help. 4 104 13 Non-Fiction: Science Animals, Food Present tense, Past tense Panda, Bamboo, To Eat, To Save, World, Hand
570L N Monkeys Save the Moon A fun Chinese fable about a group of monkeys who try to “save” the moon they believe has fallen into a well. 4 155 12 Fiction Animals, Space Present tense, Past tense Hide, Moon, Monkey, Save, Light, Hide and Seek, Well, Ladder, Moonlight
620L O Fantastic Flamingos A muddy white baby bird grows into a beautiful pink flamingo. 4 137 14 Non-Fiction: Science Animals, Colors, Food Present tense, Past tense, Future tense Elephant, Zebra, Giraffe, Rhinoceros, Leopard, Hippopotamus
620L O Sea Turtles Discover the life of sea turtles and what incredible swimmers they are. 4 159 15 Non-Fiction: Science Animals Present tense, Future tense Sea Turtle, Jellyfish, Beak, Plastic Bag, Beach, Ocean
680L P Sharks Sharks may seem scary, but they also face many challenges and deserve our respect. 4 158 15 Non-Fiction: Science Animals, Food Present tense, Future tense Fin, Teeth, Soup, Stomach, Fisherman, Shark, Respect, Swallow
700L Q The Emperor of Antarctica Learn how mom and dad Emperor penguins take turns raising their young in the freezing Antarctic. 5 169 17 Non-Fiction: Science Animals, Food Present tense, Future tense Penguin, Egg, Antarctica, Chick, To Freeze, Weight
720L Q The Lady of the Moon A young hero saves the earth and finds his love, but then the lovers become separated in this famous Chinese legend. 5 172 14 Fables/ Legends/ Fairytales Animals, Celebrations, Space Present tense, Past tense Earth, Archer, Bottle, Rabbit, Moon, Bridge, Sun
720L Q Amazing Octopus! Octopuses move, eat, and defend themselves in fascinating ways. 5 153 15 Non-Fiction: Science Animals, Food Present tense, Past tense, Future tense Octopus, Enemy, Heart, Blood, Ink, Arm, Shy
750L R Five Little Monkeys Five monkeys jump on the bed and drive their mama crazy until one smart one remains. 5 150 12 Fiction Animals, Body, Daily Life, Family Present tense, Future Tense Monkey, Doctor, Jump, Bed, Head, Smart
800L S Animals of Africa Ride along on safari to see predators and prey in their daily lives. 5 88 12 Non-Fiction: Science Animals, Travel Present tense Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra, Hippopotamus, Leopard, Rhinoceros
800L S Seven Wonders of Our Natural World Wonders of nature can be found on every continent: high mountains, active volcanoes, deep canyons, colorful skies, beautiful harbors, powerful waterfalls and awesome seas. 5 394 18 Non-Fiction: Geography the Earth, Geography Present tense, Past tense Volcano, Waterfall, Canyon, Harbor, Mountain, Continent